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Welcome To Bus Rental Dubai

Are you looking for reliable bus rental services in Dubai, UAE? Look no further! We are your go-to choice for Bus Rental Dubai, offering a diverse fleet to cater to all your transportation needs.

Whether you need a Dubai bus rental, minibus rental in Dubai, or luxury bus rental with a driver, we have you covered. Our extensive range includes 07 Seater cars, minibuses, vans, luxury buses, coaches, mini tourist buses, and stylish options like the Mercedes Sprinter.

At our company, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to make your experience memorable by providing top-notch vehicles that suit your preferences. Choose us for the best Bus for Rent in Dubai!

About Rent Bus Dubai

For over 8 years, we've been offering Bus Rental Dubai services.


Our Bus Rental Company in Dubai works hard to give you transportation solutions. Our solutions include airport services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. We also provide city tours, hotel transfers, event and exhibition transportation, bus shuttles, corporate staff transportation, and sports player transfer services.

Count on us for all your travel needs. We make sure your time in and around Dubai is easy and enjoyable. Choose us for top-notch Bus Rental services tailored to your requirements.

Our commitment to you includes:

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Years Experience

    07 Seater Car Rental Dubai

    Experience the best of Dubai with our 7-seater Previa car or an 8-seater car, ideal for small groups of family and friends. Our vehicles are perfect for city tours, airport transfers, and hotel transfers, ensuring a comfortable and convenient journey throughout Dubai.

    Mini VAN rental Dubai

    Looking to accommodate up to 10 people? Our 12-seater van rental in Dubai is the perfect choice. Ideal for city tours, airport transfers, hotel transportation, and even shuttle services for events like weddings. Experience seamless and comfortable journeys with our reliable van rental services. Discover the convenience of Bus Rental Dubai tailored to your group’s needs.

    VAN rental Dubai​

    Explore Dubai in comfort and style with our premier 15-seater van rental. Ideal for city tours, airport arrivals and departures, and various shuttle bus services, our spacious van caters to groups of up to 14 people. Elevate your travel experience with the luxury of bus rental services in Dubai tailored for your group’s needs.


    Discover the ultimate travel solution in Dubai with our 26-seater minibus rental, perfect for groups of up to 20 people. Experience seamless airport transfers, city sightseeing, and attendance at events and shows. Elevate your group travel with the best minibus rental services tailored for your convenience and comfort.


    Experience unparalleled comfort with our 35-seater luxury bus rental in Dubai, perfect for tourists seeking a deluxe journey. Our mini-tourist bus, accommodating up to 30 people, is ideal for city sightseeing in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Hatta, and more. Explore these destinations in style and convenience with our premium Dubai bus rental services.

    50 Seater Luxury Bus rental Dubai​

    Choose the ultimate travel solution for large groups with our versatile 50-seater luxury bus in Dubai. Perfect for various purposes, including events, city tours, weddings, VIP group transfers, airport transfers, hotel transfers, and more. Experience unmatched versatility and comfort with our premium Dubai bus rental services.

    Luxury VAN rental Dubai​

    Indulge in VIP travel with our luxurious vans, including the Mercedes Sprinter and Mercedes VIANO. Choose from our range of 12-seater, 16-seater, and 17-seater Mercedes vans. Experience the epitome of luxury, with rental prices starting from 1200 Dirham to 2500 Dirham per day for bookings.

    Get Cost-Effective Daily & Weekly Basis Private Bus Rental Dubai Services.

    Discover reliable and comfortable bus rentals in Dubai with our top-rated company! Trusted by thousands of travelers, families, tourists, and organizations, we offer a variety of vehicles tailored to your needs. Choose from vans with 7 to 12 seats, minibuses with 15 to 30 seats, and luxury buses and coaches accommodating 33 to 50 passengers.

    Our professional drivers ensure a safe journey, and we're available 24/7 for short or long trips, daily and weekly rentals. Whether it's an excursion, meeting, city tour, wedding, event, conference, or group travel, our buses are the perfect choice. Prioritizing your safety and comfort, our experienced chauffeurs and well-equipped fleets guarantee an enjoyable journey.

    Bus rental Dubai has never been easier – contact us for the ideal transportation solution!

    Flexible Booking & Affordable Rates, Tailor Solutions for Any Group Size in UAE

    We make booking a bus in Dubai easy and affordable! At Bus Rental Dubai, we have flexible options and competitive rates for all kinds of groups. Whether you’re travelling with family, friends, or tourists, we can assist you. Hence, you can book a bus for a single trip, a whole day, a week with a driver, or even for a long period. We’re here to meet all your transportation needs in the UAE, making it convenient and suitable for your group.

    Get Tailored Solutions for Your Particular Requirements

    We don’t just offer fancy buses with drivers in Dubai – we have other options, too! We rent all kinds of vehicles, big and small, like minibuses, vans, and coaches. This way, we can match what you need for your specific trip. Whether your group is big or small, and no matter your budget, we’ve got a ride that’s just right for you. We want to make sure your transportation fits your needs perfectly for any occasion.

    We Have Well-Maintained Vehicles & Professional Drivers. Get a Smooth Ride in Dubai!

    We’ve got great vehicles and expert drivers for a smooth ride in Dubai! Our buses and vans are up-to-date and well taken care of. Our vans come with comfy seats, air conditioning, and audio-visual gear for a pleasant journey.

    Whether you’re travelling with work friends and need a small van or planning a family vacation and want a bigger luxury bus, we can assist you. Even if it’s for a wedding or sightseeing, we have just the right-sized minibus for your needs!

    We Are Your One-Stop Travel Solution In Dubai

    We’re here to make your travel easy in Dubai! Apart from renting buses, we offer various other transportation services. These services include car rentals, minibuses, vans, luxury buses, coaches, mini tourist buses and chauffeur services. This means we can take care of all your travel needs in Dubai, Sharjah, and other places in the UAE.

    You can rely on us for everything in Dubai – whether it’s transporting guests, sightseeing tours, corporate travel, event and wedding transfers, getting around the city, shopping trips, rides for sports players, airport transfers, or hotel pickups. We’re proud to be a trusted and reliable choice for renting buses with drivers in Dubai. We aim to provide safe, comfy, and efficient transportation for all our clients, no matter the reason for their journey.


    Hire Our Bus Rentals in Dubai and Get Excellent Customer Service!

    Our team at Bus Rental Dubai is committed to giving you great service. Also, they will help you plan and organize your travel needs. Whether it’s picking the right vehicle, figuring out the best routes, or making any necessary arrangements, we’re here to help. Also, we make sure everything goes smoothly and stress-free.

    Our drivers know the local area well, including popular places like Downtown Dubai, Business Bay, Deira Dubai, Bur Dubai & Dubai Marina. Our drivers are also aware of Palm Jumeirah, Jumeirah Island, JLT, JBR, Al Nahda, Al Barsha, and Sheik Zayed Road. They are also familiar with other cities in the UAE.

    Not only can our drivers get you around quickly, but they can also suggest cool places to visit. They also make you visit good restaurants and see other exciting things.

    We Have a Huge Variety of Vehicles to Meet Your Needs in UAE!

    At Bus Rental Dubai, we have many kinds of vehicles to match our clients’ needs. Our fleet includes spacious 7 seats Previa, comfy 12 seat minivans & 15 seat vans. We also offer reliable 30 seat minibuses and luxurious 35 seat buses.

    For big groups or longer trips, we also have spacious 50 seat coaches and 53 seat luxury buses. All our vehicles are well-kept and have the latest amenities to make sure your journey is comfortable and enjoyable.

    Choice of Fleets available

    We have a huge range of fleet services available. Hence, we provide smooth and efficient bus transport service for different city tours, shuttle bus service, airport transfer service, hotel transfer service, Desert Safari Dubai, weddings and other ceremony celebrations, corporate tours, lunch and dinners, and other corporate staff pick and drop off. We have small cars:

    • 07 seater
    • Minivan 12 seater
    • Van 14 seater
    • Minibus 26 seater
    • Mini tourists bus 35 seater
    • 50 and 53 seater luxury bus and luxury van.


    Please get in touch with us. Our customer service will be happy to provide a choice of auto according to your needs.


    Some of the Services We Provide Through Our Transport Service

    Airport Arrival and Departure Services: We offer airport arrival and departure services from Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi airports to all seven emirates.

    Hotel Transfers: We offer hotel transfers between different emirates using our diverse fleet of vehicles. 

    Shuttle Bus Services: Our Company offers shuttle bus services for events, shows, weddings, parties, and more through our diverse fleet of vehicles. 

    Sightseeing Tours: We offer full-day and half-day city sightseeing tours in Dubai. 

    Corporate Tours: For corporate needs, we provide services such as staff lunches, dinners, celebrations, and pickup and drop-off services.

    Luxury Bus Service for VIP-Class Guests: Our luxury bus service serves high VIP-class guests. We offer numerous services like airport arrival and departure, hotel transfers, and city tours.

    One-Day Bus Rental Service: We offer a one-day bus rental service in Dubai. Also, you can extend it for as many days as you need.

    Charter Bus, Minivan, and Bus Rentals with Drivers: We have different sizes of vehicles available for rent. Thus, you can choose to rent them for a day or a whole week. Our drivers are professional and experienced. Hence, we make sure your journey is safe and comfortable.

    Bus Services for Sports Player: We also offer a shuttle bus service for sports players, media, and other sports officials. We will take them from the hotel to the sports venue.

    Transportation for Business Meetings: We provide travel for business meetings, conferences, and other professional events. Our vehicles have useful amenities like WiFi for a productive and comfy journey.

    Picnic and Outing Transportation: Planning a picnic or outing with a group? We’ve got you covered. On public holidays, we provide bus rental services for your friends, families, and others to enjoy picnics and outings during their holidays. Our drivers make sure everyone gets there safely and on time.

    Executive Transportation: For executive travel, we offer luxurious transportation options. Our vehicles come with perks like leather seats, excellent AC, and top-notch sound systems for a comfy and productive journey.

    Parties Transportation: If you’re organizing a party or special event, we provide transportation services to ensure everyone arrives safely and on time. Our drivers handle the transportation details so you can focus on enjoying the celebration.

    Feel Free To Book and Travel with Our Private Drivers!

    Booking our private driver makes your journey more comfortable and convenient. You can relax while the driver takes care of the roads, ensuring a stress-free travel experience. Whether it's a city tour, airport transfer, or a special event, having our private driver will make you enjoy your ride without worrying about directions or traffic. From more than 06 years in the field of tour and travel within UAE and other emirates, we strive to provide one of the best Rent Bus Dubai transport to our customers.

    Our private drivers are trained, reliable, and dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable trip. Also, they know the local routes well, ensuring you reach your destination on time. Travelling with our private driver adds a touch of luxury and ease to your transportation needs. So, sit back, relax, and let our private driver take you wherever you need to go!

    Explore Dubai with the best luxury and style. See the amazing Burj Khalifa and the fun Dubai Mall. Stay in fancy hotels that are really comfy and extra special. Try yummy gourmet food. See the city in a fancy way, like in a cool car, yacht, or helicopter, and enjoy special views of this cool place. Relax at nice spas and have fun in the city at night with exciting entertainment. Dubai has lots of great things to enjoy, so come and explore with amazing luxury!

    UAE Desert Safari

    Dubai is great for a desert adventure, and our bus service is perfect for taking you there. We also have special 4*4 cars for up to 6 people. Our prices start from 750 dirhams per car. This price includes picking you up from your hotel and taking you to the desert safari. You can have a barbecue party there with belly dance and more fun. However, depending on your pickup location, we may increase the price.

    Welcome to Bus Rental Dubai

    Welcome to Bus Rental Dubai! We help you rent buses and vans in Dubai for events, meetings, and getting your staff around, all at super low prices. Call us for the best deal and book a bus, minibus, van, or coaster. We’re the top bus rental company in Dubai, giving you the best convenience and awesome services for all your travel needs.

    Booking is quick and easy, so you won’t have any trouble. Our prices are fair, making it affordable for you to travel. Our staff is friendly and skilful, making sure you have a nice experience. We keep prices competitive while keeping you comfortable, and our experienced drivers make sure your journey is safe. You can also plan your travels the way you want, with flexible schedules and routes to fit your needs.

    • Instant Booking

    You can streamline reservations for our rental buses with a quick and hassle-free booking experience.

    • Reasonable Prices

    We provide cost-effective and accessible rental bus services in UAE to meet your travel needs without breaking the bank.

    • Cooperative Staff

    Our cooperative staff commits to providing exceptional service for a smooth and pleasant Dubai bus rental experience.

    • Comfort over Anything

    We ensure quality transportation without compromising on comfort.

    • Safe Travel

    Our skilled and experienced drivers manage our bus rental services in Dubai to guarantee safe and reliable journeys.

    • Customized Routes

    We have the flexibility to tailor your travel plans, specific routes, and schedules to meet your unique transportation needs.

    What kind of Services does Bus Rental Dubai Offer?

    Come join us on a tour of Dubai to see the coolest places! We’re really good at helping employees get around Dubai, and you can trust us. We provide thorough training to our drivers and new, safe vehicles. We take extra care when transporting people for businesses, schools, and groups. Because of our hard work, we’re well-liked in the travel industry.

    Our buses and drivers always follow UAE standards with ongoing training. If you want the best travel services in UAE with great service, ‘Bus Rental Dubai’ is the best bus rental company in Dubai. For school buses, we focus on safety, being on time, and staying clean. We check our buses and drivers every day to make sure everything is top-notch. We provide special services to many schools and universities. Also, we meet high-quality standards worldwide. With a super safety policy, we’re proud to be one of the safest bus rental companies around.

    Why choose Bus Rental Dubai?

    Choose Bus Rental Dubai for your transport needs with confidence. We stand out as a leading service provider with a commitment to excellence. Enjoy a smooth experience with our modern fleet of buses and vans, ensuring comfort and reliability. Our professionally trained drivers prioritize safety. Also, our vehicles are fully insured, meeting strict standards. 

    With a history of delivering exceptional client service, we fulfil diverse needs, including events, business meetings, and staff moving. Benefit from our competitive prices, cooperative staff, and flexible routes, making us the preferred choice for transportation in Dubai. Trust Bus Rental Dubai for a reliable, affordable, and convenient travel solution.

    Tour and Travel Transport Service

    We’ve been in the tourism field for over ten years. Our transportation service isn’t just for local tourists but also international ones. We specialize in tourism and act as a tourism company. Our buses are ready with everything tourists need, and our drivers are familiar with tourist needs. So you won’t need an extra tour guide. Dubai is a big tourist destination, with millions visiting each year. To make tourism easier, our company is among the best, providing a variety of bus transport services to support the tourism industry.

    Enjoy Numerous Tour Packages

    We offer different tour packages like city tours in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, as well as desert safaris and dhow cruises. You can customize your tour packages depending on what you want. We also provide bus transportation services for various routes, including transfers from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Ras Al Khaimah, as well as airport transfers.

    Get Cheap Bus Rental Service in All Emirates

    Get affordable bus rental service in all of the Emirates. Because more people want budget options for tourism, we always look out for our customer’s budgets. Our prices are competitive and lower than others. Once you book with us, we promise the cheapest price. We have all kinds of vehicles, making it easy to choose for city tours, airport transfers, and more.

    Join our luxury bus service at a very cheap price. Private VAN rental in Dubai is cheap and great for small groups. Mini tourist buses are good for medium-sized groups. It’s a low-cost bus rental. You can hire our bus service for day trips or longer tours. 

    The Average Cost of Hiring A Bus In UAE

    The price to rent a bus in Dubai can vary. For small cars that fit 6 or 8 people, it starts at around 250-650 dirhams. Minivans and 14-seater vans cost about 300-750 dirhams. Renting a minibus for a day ranges from 350 to 800 dirhams, and mini tourist buses cost around 450-900 dirhams per day. Luxury buses are pricier, ranging from 600 to 1400 dirhams per day. The cost depends on factors like distance, timing, type of vehicle, and the purpose of the rental. Shuttle bus services are generally more expensive than regular tours.

    Advantages of Hiring Bus Rental Dubai

    Enjoy many benefits when you hire our bus rental service. We’re a top company in Dubai because we offer affordable and comfy vehicles and a variety of fleets within Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. Choose from our van rental Dubai, luxury bus rental Dubai, minibus rental Dubai, and luxury van rental Dubai to meet your travel needs. We specialize in airport transfers, meeting and greeting guests, city tours, family transport, events shuttle, hotel transfers, short trips, and long trips. When you book with us, we provide a bus with a driver, fuel and parking fees.

    Whether you’re in UAE or planning a holiday, we provide tourist buses for comfortable sightseeing tours day or night. Our buses are well-equipped, and our drivers will happily take you wherever you want to go on a flexible tour plan. We aim to provide a better, cheaper, and comfy bus rental service across all emirates with our modern buses. Our drivers are well-educated, and all buses are insured. Enjoy your trips with our luxury bus and coach service! Some of other advantages are:

    • Get Your Bus on Time

    Your booked bus will be there with the driver at the right time, date, and place you told us.

    • Safe and Trusted

    We’ve been renting buses in Dubai since 2007, and many people from around the world liked our service. We care about our customers.

    • Keeping You Safe

    Your safety comes first. We have trained technicians who check our buses regularly. Each bus has a first aid kit. We follow the rules and get our buses inspected every year.

    • Insured Buses

    It’s the law in Dubai, UAE, to have insurance for passenger transport buses. All our buses have insurance to cover any damage or injury in case of an accident. We also make sure our buses follow the rules from RTA (Road Transport Authority Dubai).

    • Enjoy Free Wi-Fi

    Our buses have free Wi-Fi. After booking, ask for the Wi-Fi details. The group transfer leader will get them on the travel day.

    • Get a Ride to the Bus

    If the bus can’t reach your pickup spot, we offer free shuttle rides to the bus. Call our operator if you need this service.

    • Relax on Comfy Seats

    Ask for executive coaches or buses with leather seats and on-board toilets. Call our operator to learn more about our luxury buses.

    • Easy Payment Options

    When booking with Bus Rental Dubai, pay with Credit or Debit Cards. Also, we accept bank transfers. However, make sure payment clears before the journey.


    Bus Rental Dubai:We Are Nothing without Our Customers

    At Bus Rental Dubai, making you happy is super important to us. We always work hard to give you the best experience and keep high standards of service. Your satisfaction is our top priority, even before you become our customer. Here’s why we stand out:

    • Your happiness matters the most to us. We want to make sure you have the best time.
    • Even if we don’t have customers yet, we always give top-notch service. Quality is really important to us.
    • Our buses are well taken care of for your safe and comfy journey.
    • We’re always trying to make our service even better. Your thoughts and feedback are important.
    • We know everyone is different, so we’re ready to make things work just for you.
    • You can trust us to be there when you need us. We keep it simple and reliable.
    • We’re honest and straightforward in everything we do. Your trust is super important.
    • Our team is here to help, always with a smile. We want your experience to be positive all the way.

    So, at Bus Rental Dubai, it’s not just about buses; it’s about making your journey awesome. Whether you’re already a customer or thinking about it, you matter a lot to us!

    Bus Rental Dubai: One-Stop - Shop for Your Rental Needs

    Are you looking for a bus with a driver in Dubai? If you’re not sure which bus to choose or need information on how to book, we’ve got the solution for you! Just give us a call, and we’ll happily provide a rental bus with a driver in Dubai. We provide transportation solutions for all your needs and can cater to small or large groups with different preferences. Whether you need a mini bus, mini tourist bus, luxury bus, coach, or even a 7-seater small car, we’ve got you covered. Share your requirements with us, and we’ll find the best solution for you.

    Save Your Time and Money with Bus Rental Dubai!

    Are you planning a special outing or need transportation in Dubai? Our bus rental service is perfect for your small group or family. You can travel in style and comfort, creating joy and memories together as you explore the city. Our modern buses can fit 14 to 25 people or 35 to 50 people, and our drivers will take care of all the minor details. With our flexible minibus & van hire packages, you can plan your trip your way, fitting your budget and needs. Don’t miss this chance to bond and make lasting memories with your friends & family in the UAE. Choose our bus hire with a driver for a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

    Affordable Bus Rental Services

    Welcome to our bus rental services! We offer affordable buses for your trips. Our goal is to help you travel without spending too much money. We’re here for school trips, work outings, and family gatherings. Our buses are budget-friendly and fit your needs. We want everyone to have reliable and affordable transportation. Our experienced drivers ensure a smooth ride. Choose our services for a hassle-free and cheap travel experience. We care about your happiness and make sure your journey is enjoyable and affordable. Travel with us and enjoy budget-friendly bus rentals that suit your needs.

    Professional Bus Rental Service

    We make sure you get the best experience by having skilled and experienced drivers who know the roads and public transport systems in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. Our buses are always checked to make sure they’re safe and comfy before you rent them. You can rent a bus for a whole day, half a day, or just one day with a driver. The cost depends on how long you rent it.

    We give discounts if you book multiple times or for several days. If you want to know more about our prices, just ask our salespeople—they’re happy to help.

    Most Trusted Bus Booking Agency in Dubai

    Welcome to our bus booking agency in the UAE! Your journey matters to us the most. We are proud to be your trustworthy partner for bus travel. Booking with us is easy and clear. We handle school trips and corporate events reliably. Our team takes care of your booking, making it stress-free.

    We know your trust is important. Safety, being on time, and your happiness are our priorities. Choose us for a smooth and happy journey. Our reputation is built on the trust of our valued customers. Book with us and feel confident – your journey starts here!

    Why book with us?

    • Our buses are clean and safe for your journey.
    • You can book a bus that fits your group size.
    • We offer different bus sizes for various occasions.
    • Our drivers are friendly and experienced.
    • Booking a bus is quick and easy.
    • You can call or book online, whichever you prefer.
    • We have special rates for schools and businesses.
    • Our buses have comfortable seats for a relaxing ride.
    • We make sure our buses are on time.
    • Your safety is our top priority.
    • You can ask us any questions about your trip.
    • We provide affordable options for every budget.
    • Our goal is to make your journey stress-free.
    • Families and friends can travel together comfortably.
    • We provide flexible payment options for your comfort.
    • Our team is always ready to assist you.
    • You can trust us for a smooth and enjoyable trip.
    • We value your feedback and suggestions.
    • Your satisfaction is important to us.
    • Our buses are equipped with modern amenities.
    • You can enjoy the scenery during the trip.
    • We have a variety of buses to choose from.
    • Our booking process is simple.
    • We offer affordable rates without compromising quality.
    • You can personalize your tour depending on your needs.
    • We understand the importance of punctuality.
    • Our buses are well-maintained for your safety.
    • We have a 24/7 customer support service.
    • You can book a bus for a day or longer trips.
    • Our services are available for all types of events.
    • We have buses with wheelchair accessibility.
    • You can trust us for reliable transportation.
    • We make sure your journey is pleasant.
    • Our buses have air conditioning for comfort.
    • You can count on us for a hassle-free experience.
    • We provide clear information about our services.
    • Your booking confirmation is sent promptly.
    • Our team is here to assist you at every step.
    • Our commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction makes us proud.
    • You can rely on our expertise in bus rentals.
    • We offer competitive prices in the market.
    • Our buses undergo regular safety checks.
    • We have a wide network for convenient travel.
    • Our drivers are trained to handle different situations.
    • You can trust our attractive and efficient service.
    • We cater to both small and large groups.
    • You can travel with peace of mind.
    • We have affordable options for every occasion.
    • You can book in advance for better planning.
    • Our buses are spacious and well-maintained.
    • The locations for pickup and drop-off are up to you.
    • We provide a hassle-free experience from start to finish.
    • Your journey is important to us.
    • We ensure a smooth and timely transportation service.
    • You can book with confidence, knowing we are dependable.
    • We offer discounts for repeat customers.
    • Our team is best to meet your expectations.
    • You can rely on us for professional and courteous service.
    • We have clear and transparent pricing.
    • Your convenience is our priority.
    • We strive to make every trip enjoyable.
    • We take care of the details so you can relax.
    • You can trust us for a cost-effective travel solution.
    • We provide a comfortable and safe environment.
    • Your comfort is our mission.
    • We are committed to providing value for your money.
    • You can enjoy a worry-free journey with us.
    • We offer a variety of amenities for your convenience.
    • Your safety and satisfaction go hand in hand.
    • We are here to make your travel plans easier.
    • You can rely on our punctual and reliable service.
    • We offer flexible scheduling for your events.
    • Your group can travel together in one comfortable bus.
    • We aim to exceed your expectations.
    • You can rely on us to provide timely and dependable transportation.
    • We make booking a bus a simple and quick process.
    • Your feedback helps us improve our services.
    • We are always available to answer your questions.
    • Our staff is helpful and friendly, so you can rely on them.
    • We prioritize cleanliness and hygiene in our buses.
    • Your convenience matters to us.
    • For your convenience, we provide multiple ways to make payments.
    • Your journey starts and ends with us.
    • We strive to make your trip memorable.
    • When you travel with us, you can experience it stress-free.
    • We have affordable options for every group size.
    • Your comfort is our top consideration.
    • We provide cost-effective solutions for your transportation needs.
    • You can rely on us to take care of your travel arrangements.
    • We are dedicated to making your journey pleasant.
    • Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.
    • We offer reliable and trustworthy service.
    • You can book with confidence, knowing we are experienced.
    • We take care of the details so you can relax and enjoy.
    • Your convenience is our top priority.
    • We provide a seamless and enjoyable travel experience.
    • Your trust in us is valued and appreciated.
    • We ensure a smooth and efficient booking process.
    • You can rely on us for dependable and safe transportation.
    • Your happiness is what drives us to provide excellent service.

    Dubai City Tour


    Sharjah City Tour


    Abu Dhabi City Tour


    Ras Al Khaimah City Tour


    Dubai Desert Safari

    Need Help?


    Booking a bus in Dubai is easy! You can contact Bus Rental Dubai through our website or give us a call. Our staff will assist you with the booking procedure.

    We offer a variety of buses, including vans, luxury buses, minibusses, and more. You can pick the type of bus that best suits your transportation needs.

    In addition to bus rentals, we offer various services such as airport transfers, city tours, event shuttles, and more. Contact us for your specific requirements.

    Yes, our drivers are professionally trained and experienced. They prioritize safety and ensure a comfortable journey for our customers.

    Yes, you can rent a bus with a driver. All of our drivers are knowledgeable & skilful.

    No. We only provide our buses with drivers. There is no policy to rent a bus without a driver in Dubai.

    The cost of renting a bus depends on factors like the type of bus, duration of rental, and specific services required. Reach out to us for a tailored quote based on your needs.

    Yes, when you rent a bus from us, the package includes a bus with a driver, fuel, Salik (toll), parking fees, and other necessary expenses.

    Absolutely! We offer flexibility in planning your travel. You can customize your itinerary, choose specific routes, and plan the schedule according to your preferences and needs.

    Our rental durations are flexible. Whether you need a bus for a day trip, a weekend getaway, or a longer period, we can accommodate your needs. Contact us to discuss your specific rental duration.

    We prioritize the safety of our passengers. Our buses undergo regular sanitization, and our drivers follow health and safety guidelines. We adhere to all protocols to ensure a secure and hygienic travel experience.

    Yes, we offer special packages for corporate events, conferences, and large groups. Our team can help you in planning the transportation logistics tailored to the specific requirements of your event. Reach out to us for more details on our corporate packages.

    You can rent different types of buses in Dubai. There are regular minibusses, fancy coaches, and even special ones like party buses. No matter if it’s for a work event, a school trip, or a group outing, you can find a bus that fits your group.

    When you rent a bus in Dubai, it usually has things to make your ride better. This includes air conditioning, comfy seats, music and video systems, and space for your bags. Fancy buses might also have extra things like bathrooms, Wi-Fi, and nicer seats. Talk to our rental company to make sure the bus has what you need.

    To find the right bus rental company in Dubai, think about a few things. First, see how many people are in your group and what you need on a bus. Look at reviews from other people to know if the company is good. Ask about the cost, insurance, and any extra services they offer. Make sure to talk about everything with our rental company, so you understand the rules before you rent the bus.

    It’s a good idea to book your bus as soon as you can, especially when a lot of people are traveling. This way, you have a better chance of getting the kind of bus you want. Also, our company can get everything ready for your trip.

    Most times, you don’t need to drive the bus yourself because the rental company provides a driver. If you plan on driving or having someone from your group drive, ask our company if there are any age or license rules.

    If the bus has a problem during your trip, each company has a plan. Some may give you another bus, while others can send help if you’re stuck. Talk to our company before your trip to know what they will do if something unexpected happens.

    Yes, many companies in Dubai that rent buses also give you a driver. Having a driver can make your trip easier. Make sure to ask our company if a driver comes with the bus and if there’s anything special you need to know.

    Yes, you can usually bring drinks and food on the bus in Dubai. It’s a good idea to check with our rental company just to be sure. Remember to clean up after yourself to keep the bus tidy.

    You can rent a bus for different amounts of time in Dubai. It depends on what you need. Some companies have a minimum time, and you can ask about discounts for longer rentals.

    Kids usually need to be safe on the bus. They might need special seats, and some companies have rules about noise. Ask our rental company about any special rules for kids.

    Yes, you can usually change your reservation details, but it’s important to tell the rental company as soon as possible. There might be some fees for changes, so it’s good to check this when you book us.

    You can pay for your bus rental in different ways. Most companies accept cash, credit cards, or other methods. Check with our rental company about what payment options they have and when you need to pay.

    Yes, on longer trips, the bus usually stops at rest areas or places where you can use the restroom and stretch your legs. Ask the driver about planned stops and how long they might take.