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Best 7 Seater Car rental With Low Price


Best 7 Seater Car Rental Dubai With a room of 06 people, the 07 Seater Previa car is very ideal for small groups of friends and families. Toyota previa car and 08 seater H1 Hyundai is used for group up to 06 people. It can also accommodate 2-3 pieces of luggage and other time, if you are planning for some picnic and outing as well as a city tour. Apart from Dubai, 07 seater car is also available in Dubai and Sharjah to facilitate transportation service within other emirates too.

Some features of Toyota Previa are:

The Toyota Previa car is very ideal for city tours in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah

  • Spacious Interior:  it can accommodate up to 06 passengers + 1 Driver. The seats are very open and comfortable, thus make the car for long trips as well
  • Air conditioning: due to the weather situation the air condition is very perfect and can drop the inner temperature up to 16 Degree centigrade.
  • Entertainment system: it has LCD and audio system so that the guests can enjoy music and videos.
  • Safety features: the previous car is comprehensively insured and its wide range of airbag systems, anti-log brakes, and traction control, to make your journey safer.
  • Easy to Driver: the previous car is automatic thus it can be easy to drive.

Overall previa car is very ideal for city tours and long journeys, due to its perfect combination of AC system, entertainment system, safety system, comfortable system

Discounted Prices Car:

Compared to other transportation services, Best 7 Seater Car Rental Dubai and 08 seater cars are cheap sources of transportation services for your families, friends, and a small group who want to explore the UAE. Airport transfer costs and daily rental prices are very low and more affordable.

Services we provided through 07 seater car:

Airport Transfer Service:

If you are planning to arrive at Dubai Airport, Abu Dhabi Airport, or Sharjah Airport, feel free to contact us we will provide airport transfer service through low budgeted 07 seater car. This car will accommodate 04 people with 4 small pieces of luggage up to 30 KG for airport arrival and departure service.  

City tour:

Very ideal car for city tours in Dubai, City tour Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. Due to its low-cost fare, it is very ideal for small families and friends for exploring the landmarks. It is available on a daily basis and weekly basis for different city tour packages. In Dubai, it is available for 05 hours short tour and 10 hours long tour.

Shuttle Service: 

If you’re planning for events and exhibitions, weddings, parties, and other celebrations and you need budgeted car for shuttle service. 07 seater car and 08 seater car is very ideal. It can run fast and can pick up and drop off the guests from one point to another point in very short time.

Hotel Transfer

This car can be used for guest transportation from one emirate to another emirate. It can also be used from hotel to another in same emirates. Either you need one way transfer or two ways transfer, we will be happy to serve you based on your needs. 

Families meet and greet:

During Eids and other vocations like birthday parties, weeding’s, anniversaries etc, this car can be used for family transportation to meet and greet. 

Types of service we offer:

06 seater car rental Dubai

07 Seater Previa rental Dubai

Mercedes Viano rental Dubai

7 Seater Mini VAN rental Dubai

08 Seater Car rental Dubai

Private Car rental Dubai

Dubai to Abu Dhabi transfer

What is the cost to rent 07 Seater Car?

To hire 07 seater car, prices depend on many factors such as duration, distance and purposes. Usually shuttle service is higher in price compared to normal pick and drop off or city tour. Some prices are below but it may vary based on other factors too.

Bus rental Dubai price:



Dubai Airport Arrival / Departure 

Starting from 200 AED (Dubai airport parking not included)

DWC airport arrival 

Starting from 350 AED

One-way transfer to Dubai (within 25 KM)

Starting from 300 AED

City tour Dubai 10 Hours:

Starting from 500 AED

Exceeding 10 hours, per hour will be charged 60 Dirham

One-way transfer Abu Dhabi

Starting from 450 AED

Abu Dhabi airport arrival to Dubai

Starting from 500 AED

Full-day City tour Abu Dhabi (10 Hours)

Starting from 600 AED

Sharjah airport arrival and transfer to Dubai hotel

Starting from 350 AED  (Sharjah airport parking not included)


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