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Dubai Desert Safari

If you’re seeking for the best outdoor adventure entertainment, fun, and thrill, you’ve come to the perfect spot. Dubai’s Desert Safari includes all of this and much more. Only until you are in it and holding on for dear life can you experience and enjoy the battle between the enormous Land Cruiser rental service and the undulating red sand dunes. Take a desert safari in Dubai’s huge and captivating desert with your friends, family, or coworkers. The ideal thrills are produced by sun, sand, and dune-bashing for generations.

What is Dubai’s desert safari?

One of the most well-liked adventure activities in Dubai is the desert safari. The fantastic desert in Dubai makes it the perfect location for a desert safari. Running up and down your car on the sand dunes is the bulk of this activity. Custom-built Land Cruisers are being driven by experienced, licensed drivers who will give you the thrill while keeping you completely safe. This adventure is special because of the setting sun and the wide red dunes in the background.

  • Safari Adventure

The desert safari adventure in Dubai combines various elements. It is the experience of a roller coaster ride on a monstrous 4 x 4 Land cruiser. It is about the visual delight of the sun going down at the cusp of red dunes and red sky. It is the experience of great food, it is the experience of local culture and traditions, and it is the experience of the Arabesque fair. In this land, various dancers entertain you. And all that is rolled into a 6-hour activity called Dubai Desert Safari!

  • The Dune Bashing

The geography of the desert is distinctive. It entails sifting sand as a result of the wind. Dunes are little sand-filled hills that are the result of sand movement. You’ll experience a roller coaster-like trip when operating your vehicle on these dunes. Dune bashing is the term for the activity of “floating” on specially designed land cruisers. The primary activity of a desert safari is dune-bashing. The greatest option for an amazing desert dune-bashing adventure is our fleet of clean, modern Toyota 44 Land Cruisers. With the exception of the tour leader, these cars have 7 seats.

  • Quad Biking

Quads are enormous off-road motorcycles. You may ride a bike on them and they have strong engines. Since a driver’s license is not necessary to operate a quad in the desert, many local boys and men take up this sport. This sport can be chosen as a weekend adventure sport by everyone, including visitors and locals. Even teenagers are permitted to operate these Quads in Dubai’s vast desert due to the strict safety regulations set by the government of Dubai.

  • BBQ Buffet Menu

The best BBQ buffet is included in the Dubai Desert Safari package. You won’t want to miss out on this spread at all. The three-course BBQ Buffet menu has enough food for both meat-eaters and vegans. The BBQ buffet is provided to you in a desert camp that is completely designed to resemble a “local Tent,” i.e., how the local Bedouins have lived or now live in far-flung desert settlements. But after a thrilling ride on the dunes, all you want to do is unwind and indulge in delectable meals.

Dubai Desert Safari Types

  1. Morning Safari

For those who are pressed for time, there is a morning safari. Because the majority of this trip involves climbing sand dunes. When our car arrives at your drop-off location at 9 AM to take you up for an adventure, the Morning Desert Safari officially begins. In 30 to 45 minutes, your car would pass through the bustle of early-morning Dubai and arrive at the Al Awir desert region. Your dune-bashing then begins. You are driven to our campsite after a fantastic trip, where you can go quad biking or drive a dune buggy and enjoy it to the fullest.

Discover Sunrise View while riding a camel

We’ll start with a 4×4 desert excursion so that you can enjoy the desert sunrise. After the drive, you can attempt sandboarding or just soak in the scenery and take photos of the stunning desert. Then there is a trip to the camel farm where you can have free camel rides and discover how important these animals are to traditional Bedouin culture.

  1. Evening Safari

The evening desert safari is the most well-liked of the three possibilities. All of our safari cars will gather at the “Meeting point” at 5 PM to start this safari. You can take selfies while admiring the adjacent dunes, the red desert, stunning scenery, etc. while the safari guides are preparing their land cruisers for the upcoming dune bashing. Once the vehicles are prepared and you are aboard with all necessary safety precautions, the dune bashing begins. Going up and down the dune slopes’ steepness is pure fun.

You may momentarily escape the bustle of the city and take in the grandeur of the arid sections of the Dubai desert with one of our evening desert safari experiences. We’ll take you to the magnificent desert of Dubai in the evening, which is the perfect time to explore the desert as the deserts start to chill to welcome the moonlight, and we’ll show you the best of desert life unlike anybody else.  Start your evening desert safari tour in Dubai by hopping into the comfortable land cruiser we’ve reserved for you, and then venture out into the desert for an unforgettable evening desert safari tour.

Reaching options for Dubai Desert Safari

There are numerous methods to get there. You can opt to arrive at the “meeting place” on your own, or you can select to have us pick you up from your house, hotel, or place of safety. For those keeping an eye on their budget, we also provide “group picks up” services. We have pick-up locations for the Budget Desert Safari in Sharjah’s Deira City Centre and Sahara Centre Mall. Regarding Self-Drive Safari, you have to show up right away at our scheduled meeting place and time.

One of the most thorough desert safaris offered in Dubai to explore the desert wilderness of the area is this adventure excursion. This comprehensive Desert Safari Dubai includes several activities and experiences that deepen your awareness of the native Bedouin culture and traditions in addition to the adrenaline 4X4 dune bash. Explore Dubai from a Different Enjoy the ideal balance of adventure, cultural entertainment, and a lavish dinner beneath the stars. This makes it ideal for anyone who wishes to escape the glittering area of the city and better appreciate the natural desert scenery that surrounds it.

Experience a once-in-a-lifetime journey an exhilarating, heart-pounding 4×4 journey that reveals the ethereal beauty and tranquility of the desert sands is the genuine highlight of our Dubai Desert Safari. Yes, by dipping low into the deep ditches and rising high above the dunes, you may travel the entire length of the golden dunes. A safari highlights not to be missed are the spectacular desert sunset vistas, which make for a wonderful photographic experience. After the dune bash, you’ll visit our authentic Arabic Bedouin campground to get a glimpse of the desert’s true splendor. Enjoy authentic Arabic coffee and unwind in a tent that has been adorned in the culture.

Additionally, you will have the chance to ride a camel, traverse desert dunes, dress in traditional Arabic garb for memento photos, adorn your hands with mind-blowing henna patterns, and snap pictures with a falcon perched on your shoulder. Savor delicious barbecue while being entertained by spellbinding traditional performances. This private safari also includes a delectable meal with an international buffet and a selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods to tempt your taste buds. You may also take in the gorgeous Tanura show and the mesmerizing belly dance performances.

In Dubai, we established the first desert safari. We have been in this industry for a long time and have achieved complete mastery. We are in charge of our camp and make sure that cleanliness is always first. We also own our own fleet of vehicles and we take the security of our visitors and tour guides extremely seriously. As a result, our cars have been upgraded to the highest requirements for a desert safari in Dubai.

The safari and its events are available all year long. We advise making advance travel arrangements, especially during the United Arab Emirates winter season, which runs from October to March. In the desert, the weather becomes comfortable and pleasant at this time.

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